Question About Power Inverter

An inverter is an electronic device that is capable of converting Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC).

Question About Power Inverter

Inverter is a common electronic device. If you have solar panels and use them as another source of power then you know it very well. But till now there are some other type of inverters is available that used in different sectors. In this post, we will try to cover some of the most common questions about inverters like what is an inverter, its type, application, and others.

What is Inverter:

An inverter is an electronic device that is capable of converting Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). For example in solar power systems where main power source is DC and then it is converted to AC. The electrical inverter is a powerful electronic oscillator. This device can change the voltage and frequency.

Type of Inverter:

  1. Square wave inverter.
  2. Modified sine wave inverter.
  3. Pure sine wave inverter.
  4. Inverter Circuit Output:

Square Wave: This is the most common and easy waveform that an inverter can create. This type of inverter is suitable for lite applications like lighting and heating.

Sine Wave: This type of inverter circuit can create a pure sine wave. However, the manufacturing of this type of inverter is expensive.

Output Frequency: If there is no specific frequency is required then all inverters come with common frequencies like 50 and 60 Hz.

Output Voltage: Inverter output voltage level comes with 120 or 240 VAC.

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Inverter Operation Time:

We already know that inverter use DC as its input power source. This DC voltage comes from the battery. That means several batters will increase the inverter operation time. But if you are using more applications on the output side then operation time will be decreased.

Application of Inverter:

Inverter has various applications. But most of the time inverter is used to control a motor. For example if in your country electricity supply with a frequency of 50Hz then if you want to decrease the speed of the motor the inverter will be the best option.

DC to AC Converter: This is the most common use of inverter. By using it you can convert your DC power to AC power.

UPS Power Supply: UPS is used to supply uninterrupted electricity and it also uses the principle of inverter. Because it has DC power storage and uses an inverter circuit to convert DC to AC.

Motor Speed Control: Inverter or VFD is also used to control motor speed. For example, you have a conveyor belt that needs to operate at two speeds. If you want to rotate it for 10 meters per minute and after an interval of 5 meters per minute. Now how do you control the speed of the conveyor belt? For this reason, you must use the Inverter / VFD / AC Drive to control the speed of the motor to control the conveyor belt.

Inverter Brand:

There are different companies manufacturing different ratings of inverter. Like in my place we have ABB, Danfoss. But you will find some other manufacturers like Siemens, Telemecanique, Meiden, etc. Some machine manufacturer also built their inverter. But it will always depend on your specific operation type and cost.

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