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“Engineering Resource” Terms & Conditions for all Engineers!

This website is open to all. You can submit your article about Engineering on our web site but we have some “Terms & Conditions” for all. We don’t want to hurt anyone, but it’s sorry to say that some authors are using a “Fake” name (like a website name, or company name). So if you want to be an author in “Engineering Resource” then you must follow our “Terms & Conditions”.


“Engineering Resource” Terms & Conditions!

First update: – 22.10.2023

A)  For New Article

01:- It’s an open blog for all. You can write an article about Engineering on this site with different categories like your daily routine at work.

02:- The language of all articles must be in English. We never accept any language without English.

03:- You must also follow the right spelling of every word & a perfect sentence.

04:- Don’t copy any article from another website. Your article must be unique and not copied from “Engineering Resource” for publishing on another website.

05:- Don’t upload & share any kind of adult pictures, videos & links in your article & any bad words must be avoided.

06:- You can use some images which are related to your article with attribution. But try to use the “CC0 Creative Commons” image.

07:- Don’t submit half of the article & the article should not be clickable for the full article on another website.

08:- Don’t submit any kind of article related to “Violent, Gambling or Casino, Sales of Weapons”.

09:- We never accept any article with a link, blog, or website which is just for advertisement and no content.

10:- Don’t try to submit the same article to different authors account.

11:- Without public interest  & only for business purposes you cannot submit any article with advertisement & don’t try to publish your website link in your article only for publicity.

12:- You cannot hit religion & any society in your article.

13:- Please select a perfect category that is completely related to your article.

B)  For Comment

1:- Don’t altercate any engineer in your comment.

2:- You cannot attack any engineer personally.

3:- Any bad word, offensive or insulting comment must be avoided.

4:- “Engineering Resource” does not carry any legal liability for others' comments.

5:- Please use your real name when you submit a comment.

C)  Engineers ID

1:- Don’t use any pseudonyms.

2:- You cannot open any ID without your real name.

3:- If you want to be an author then you must prove your identification by LinkedIn profile.

D)  Contact Us

1:- Don’t use any fake information.

2:- We will back you if your reason is valid for the community.

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