12 Ways to Prevent A.C Explosion

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Here are those 12 ways to prevent A.C (Air Conditioner) Explosion...

1. Keep the A.C condenser clean.
2. Use good quality and accurate sized power cable.
3. Check that there is a blockage in the pipe inside the AC.
4. Check whether the high temperature and high pressure are being created in the A.C compressor.
5. Do check that the compressor has the required amount of refrigerant by calling an experienced technician.
6. Do not charge more refrigerant than the maximum limit of the compressor and charge the refrigerant properly.
7. Use A.C, compressors, and refrigerants from trusted persons and trusted brands.
8. A.C Must vacuum properly.
9. Try to avoid buying and using low quality anonymous or fake brand A.C and compressors.
10. Use a circuit breaker that meets the correct rating.
11. Don't forget to check the A.C with a skilled service expert before starting the AC after a long time.
12. Install outdoor A.C outdoors and don't install it at the porch or very close to windows.


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