How To Reduce Electricity Bill When You Are Using AC at Home?

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Do not stop your AC in summer due to the electricity bill. After reading this post you will know how electricity bills can be reduced when you are running AC at home.

1. Try to keep the output temperature of the AC between 23 and 26-degree centigrade.

2. Always run your AC in slip mode system or practice to stope AC at the early morning time. This procedure will reduce the energy cost.

3. If the AC is running about 4 to 5 hours at night, then for the next few hours, you can say without AC. If necessary, you can use the ceiling fan this time.

4. The timer can be used on the AC so that the AC can automatically stop after set temperature.

5. Find and turn off the heat entering sources during the day time.

6. If the AC is too old, it is better to change it. Very old ACs are not usually economical. But when you are going to buy a new AC then consider buying AC with inverter system.

7. The AC filter must be cleaned at certain intervals. Regular servicing of the AC is very important.

That's all I found. Let me know in your replay if you have more tips regarding this issue.


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