What Are The Things I Need to Know Before I Own a GAS Power Plant?

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Ok, this is the question that I answered in Quora a few days ago. My answer was like that...

If you want to be an owner of GAS Power Plant then those things you should consider at very first.

GAS Connection Line: `It is an important part of the GAS Power Plant. Because you will not dig GAS from the ground by yourself. Some Company will provide you the GAS connection. Ask them about the GAS pressure in GAS transmission line. Because you really don't want to have low pressure that your engine or turbine can't operate. So make sure that they have no problem and local people also has no problem for digging their neighborhood.

Prime Mover: What do you want to use as a prime mover. Is it GAS Engine or Turbine to rotated Generator.

Location: Plant Location should be far from any nearest rive because some reaver has gone overflow or flooded during rainy season. No one wants to become flooded when each second is important during a power plant operation.

Consumer: Try to stay close to your consumer. Because you have to sell your generated electricity.

Plant Safety: Ensure Plant Safety and also make a serious consideration of the environment section.

Funding: You need enough money to complete this project according to your generation load. Also, hire some consultant and best engineers to help you out.

Now it's your turn. Let me know how this answer can be more appropriate.


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