Is It Very Difficult to Become An Electrical Engineer?

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People say It's Very Difficult to Become An Electrical Engineer. What do you think about it?

I have an explanation about that. If you agree with that let me know in a replay.

Ok, when we study at engineering college or university, at that time we do not get any practical experience except theoretical knowledge. And when we start our carrier we find lots of problems that we never knew before. So it will be better to get some industrial training before proceeding to any job. This training will also help you to answer some interview question during a job interview. After all of this, you have to read lots of books, manuals to understand your electrical equipment or machine. It will also take lots of time. And another thing you have to think, where and what type of job you want to have.

Now after all of this procedure if you think its really hard, then you are right.


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